October 9, 2020

“I am happy to report that, contrary to what you may read in the newspaper, I HAVE NOT been diagnosed with Coronavirus. I have personally taken several tests, and all have come back negative. However, out of an abundance of caution and per public health guidelines, I am finishing out a quarantine period at my home. It’s the only responsible thing to do after travel.

“Sadly, there have been too many false reports about my visit to Gold Star Family Day in Washington. Even more insulting, some have used this trip I made in honor of my son as an opportunity to score political points. It’s not a matter of politics for me, it’s a matter of family. I do not apologize for standing up for veterans and honoring fallen soldiers — especially when it concerns my beloved son, who I still miss every day. Not even a pandemic will stop my love and appreciation for our country and my family.

“COVID-19 is a horrible disease. Please join me in keeping the many families who have suffered health or economic consequences from this pandemic in your thoughts and prayers.”