Xiarhos issues statement opposing transportation and sale of marijuana by retailers without storefronts

October 22, 2020

WEST BARNSTABLE – Steve Xiarhos, candidate for State Representative in the Fifth Barnstable District, issued the following statement today opposing the transportation and sale of marijuana by retailers without storefronts:

“I am very much opposed to recent decisions allowing the transportation and sale of marijuana by retailers without storefronts. This is bad policy for Massachusetts. I am particularly concerned about the risk that children will be endangered by the wider availability and distribution of marijuana. I also have fears that increased availability will have adverse effects regarding other drug use as we continue to fight opioid abuse in our communities. As we look to reopen our economy, this simply isn’t the first move I would recommend. As a former police officer, I firmly believe these policies will make Massachusetts less safe, and I encourage their prompt reversal.”