Statement of Steve Xiarhos upon the inauguration of President Biden

January 20, 2021

Today, for the 46th time in our nation’s history, America inaugurates a new President. The election is over. The people have spoken. America decided. Joseph Biden was chosen. And at noon today, he will become our nation’s new leader according to our Constitution.

Our nation’s president, traditionally regarded as the leader of the free world, is an important symbol of democracy and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. From the earliest days of our founding, we have conceived of intrinsic rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And, through our shared experience, we have deepened our appreciation for the principle that each of us is created equally, with equal opportunity to thrive and succeed within a system governed justly by the rule of law.

I pray for President Biden and Vice President Harris to successfully unify our nation, end the Coronavirus pandemic, promote peace and prosperity for all Americans, and most of all, protect our freedoms and liberties. I similarly urge all Americans to stand united today, with respect for the office of presidency and the important freedoms it protects. My son fought and died on a battlefield overseas in service to our country, protecting the integrity of our freedoms. I similarly swore to protect and defend these ideals on a local level as a career police officer, enforcing respect for law and order on the streets of Cape Cod for four decades. It is important for the continuity of our republic that such respect transcend allegiance to any particular political party or ideology, and withstand the ebbs and flows of life’s many vicissitudes.

Personally, I will continue doing all I can to bring people together and promote a sense of unity and common purpose here on Cape Cod. At the same time, I recognize that the vitality of our democracy relies not only on a shared understanding of what it means to be an American, but also on the diversity of our individual experiences and beliefs. It is important for the respectful, peaceful, and principled expression of those beliefs to continue on, protected as part of our political discourse. The chorus that is our democracy is made better by the spirited resonance of many different voices.

May God continue to Bless the United States of America.