Letters to Gov. Healey re. Migrant Housing Crisis

September 6, 2023

I think it’s concerning and offensive that increasing numbers of illegal immigrants are being housed by the state at taxpayer expense at Joint Base Cape Cod and in private local hotels and motels. I acknowledge the failure of our federal officials to secure the border and pass needed immigration reform, which chiefly caused this crisis. I also believe every person in our state should be treated with compassion and dignity. But, I look at situations like the one at Liberty Lodge in Sandwich and wonder why we have veterans at risk of homelessness while across town illegal immigrants receive free shelter and other benefits.

I recently sent a letter to Governor Healey expressing my concerns and demanding action under the emergency declaration she issued recently. This is a situation of great importance, including right here on Cape Cod, and I am not okay with the way it’s currently being dealt with by our state.

More recently I joined several colleagues in the House to send a follow-up letter elaborating further on my concerns…