My Top Priorities

As a State Representative, I have a number of priorities that serve as the focus of my work and reflect my core beliefs as an elected official and an individual.

  • As a former Deputy Police Chief, I have made a career out of working to improve public safety. Above all, to me that means being tough on crime, making sure our laws reflect law enforcement needs, and supporting first responders.
  • Likewise, as a Gold Star Father, I am deeply committed on a personal level to supporting our troops, our veterans, and their families.
  • I believe strongly in promoting a government that is limited in the exercise of its powers, and open and accountable to those it serves.
  • I also believe in protecting Massachusetts taxpayers. It is important for all members of the Legislature to act as responsible stewards of public funds. We must do all we can to promote fiscal responsibility and efficiency while eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in state government.
  • As Massachusetts continues to deal with pandemic recovery, it is important for us to appropriately address public health needs while also restoring our economy and supporting our businesses, especially our small business community.
  • We must do all we can to support students and teachers in our public schools.
  • I also believe it is important for us to advocate for seniors, elders, and other vulnerable populations.
  • It is critical for us to protect the fragile environment here on Cape Cod.
  • Above all else, my most important job as a State Representative is to support the communities and citizens I serve. I support Local Aid and will continue to work hard on constituent service.